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What is ServiTech?

ServiTech is a student-run Managed IT Company formed by the students of Victory Christian Academy under the mentorship of seasoned IT professionals. ServiTech focuses on the education and the acquisition of real-world experiences for students in the IT field. We are a non-profit company that services real clients, from fortune 500 companies to the church across the way.

How can ServiTech help you?

  • Internet and cyber security
  • Setting up and maintaining a website
  • Setting up stable connection at your workplace or business
  • Creating virtual servers for customers
  • Helping customers set up real world technology

Our Mission Statement

 To recognize, acknowledge and use the gifts that God gives us

 To recognize, acknowledge and embrace God’s creation in each of us and

 To be responsible stewards of God’s creation and His people

Where do we operate from?

We operate from 810 Buena Vista Way at a school called Victory Christian Academy, a K through 12 school.

Victory is a private education facility located in Chula Vista, CA, serving students in preschool, grade school, and high school. Victory believes in affordable private education, and strives to ensure every student’s success.

Victory Christian Academy Website:

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