About Us


ServiTech is a Managed Information Technology Service Provider that focuses on the education of students and real world experience, that can be gained in the IT field. Victory Christian Academy is proud to manage this student run company and inspire young minds to problem solve using available technology.  We are a non-profit company that services real world clients.

We strive to reflect and manifest God’s love, teachings and principles through every interaction delivering the highest quality tech services and support to our customers.  Our associates receive real world technology & business solutions.

These are our Chief officers, and their positions

Michael Gerken CEO Chief Exectuive Officer

My name is Michael Gerken, and my position in Servitech is as the Chief Exectuive Officer, or CEO. I joined servitech in order to both be able to help people in need, whether it be technological or practical and in order to learn more about technology and computers. Being a part of Servitech has helped me learn how to build a computer and inspired me to build my own computer that can both operate efficiently and at a good cost. Being in Servitech has changed my life for the better and I am appreciative of the wonderful opportunity it has been in my life.

Jenna Schmitt- CEO Chief Exectuive Officer

My name is Jenna Schmitt and i am a senior at Victory Christian Academy. As of this year, I was lucky to apart of the Servitech board of officers. I enjoy participating in soccer after school. As for academics, I’ve enjoyed the super computers class thus far. I hope to one day pursue a career in either technology or sciences

Lauren Norred- CSIO Chief Security Information Officer

My name is Lauren Norred, my extracurricular activities mainly consist of playing board games with my friends. I also enjoy playing dungeons and dragons and various video games, my personal favorite being Rise of the Tombraider. I was also a part of the cybersecurity team that placed 10th in the nation for Cyperpatriot last year and plan to enter the Technology field in the Air Force after university.

Keilani Speyrer CMO Chief Marketing Officer

My name is Keilani Speyrer, I am a Sophomore at Victory Christian Academy who plans to have a career as a FBI agent. I currently play football and softball at Victory Christian Academy. My hobbies are softball, drawing, and painting. I enjoy hanging out with friends and music.

Sabrina Lukyanov CFO Cheif Finance Officer

Greetings, my name is Sabrina Lukyanov, and I’m currently a sophomore attending Victory Christian Academy. I am the CFO in Servitech and exited to be apart of this company. My hobbies include reading books, volunteering at the hospital, playing volleyball, and hanging out with my family. 

Noah Gerdes CTIO Chief Innovation Officer

My name is Noah Gerdes and Im excited to be the new CTIO for Servitech this year. An after school sport i love to play is football, and I also enjoy playing various video games. For life after high school I plan on going to college and majoring in some kind of computer science.