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Servitech can help a company set up and maintain stable technology. These are some of the services we provide

  • Internet and cyber security
  • Setting up and maintaining a website with you
  • Setting up stable connection at your workplace or business
  • Creating virtual servers for customers
  • Helping customers set up real world Technology

Internet and Cyber Security

When browsing the internet it is important to stay safe and keep your personal information from unauthorized websites and pages. We can help you identify red flags on websites and ways people collect and use your data and information.

Setting Up and Maintaining a Website With You

Servitech can help you maintain a website and retain internet presence. This includes helping you update posts, customize media, and keep people engaged and interested on your web page.

Help You Set Up Stable Connection at Your Workplace

Servitech can help you set up working WAPs, Routers and Make sure your connection is top of the line and fully functional. To us, it’s important that you have the best connection you can, so that small things like lag don’t slow down your workplace

Creating Virtual Servers

Whether this relates to gaming and setting up servers to play on or making servers for alternate purposes we can help you set up a server and make sure it runs at the best quality that it can. Server hosting should not be a problem for any of our customers.

Helping Customers Set Up Real World Technology

We can help customers set up real world technology. This technology includes working PCs, projectors, smart boards, recording setups, audio setups and more. We can help you build and construct the perfect setup that you need.